How Blame Shifting Is A Key Tactic In Ratifying Oppressive Policies In Nations


There's a story about a manufacturer, who lays off all his workers then employs cheap immigrant labourers. The laid off workers are angry with the migrant labourers. The factory owner had a few mates play a the card to the news media of foreign workers taking jobs, and is thrilled that they are blaming the migrants instead of


Climate Care


People either care, or they don't. Being caring isn't a part time thing, a hat you put on and take off...




Conspiring means to undermine, to act in secret to achieve an end, to gather in agreement outside of the control of an official forum. It does not ever confer a negative or implausibility to a plan or evidence. In fact, historically conspirators have been most feared by those in the halls of power - kings, popes, governments, tyrants....


How much do we want to change ourselves?


The violence, war, deprivation, and terrible treatment of one another and the environment won't end by blaming others and simply continuing the same education, laws, ethics, priorities and pace of life as we are...


The Invisible Government


"Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country…"



The False Narrative Of "Balanced Reporting" In The Media


There is a false narrative about "balanced reporting" being perpetuated by destructive ultra-conservative right-wing groups intent on de-humanising and numbing the conscience of humanity. It goes like this: we should allow equal media coverage to destructive forces destroying the planet and spiritually degrading all human life and conscience on the planet as is given to the coverage of humanist ideals and responsible and altruistic policies which




DEMOCRACY is where everyone has a voice, and no one's voice is louder or more influential or more powerful because of


Hurt people hurt people


Mental illness is the single most influential factor in all the world's problems. Lack of love and empathy towards others is