DEMOCRACY is where everyone has a voice, and no one's voice is louder or more influential or more powerful because of how much money they have, or because of who they know, or because of how much they want something.

FREEDOM is where everyone can choose the life they want to live, so long as they are not subjecting others to how they think it should be. Freedom is where all information is available without censorship agendas designed to manipulate or withhold hold information to the advantage of some and the disadvantage of others.

JUSTICE is where the rule of law applies to everyone equally, and no one is exempt from full accountability to the democratic laws of the land just because they are in public office, elected to Government, work for the secret service, or have amassed enormous amounts of wealth.

BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS is to have free choice, freedom of information, and access to free housing, education, health care, and income regardless of social background or any other factors.

EDUCATION is worthy of the name when it brings individuals regardless of background or circumstances or income, to a place of curiosity to know and accept the truth, and openness to new ideas, tolerance in differences or disagreement with others, respect for all people, land, and animals and environment, fosters empathy and a compassionate disposition, and brings the individual to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual maturity in a way which is accountable, responsible and caring, and shows them the way to psychological and emotional healing of all that is wounded and broken within themselves, so that by the time they leave school they are not acting out the dysfunction on the world around them, but actually contributing to clarity and empathy in the world, and inspiring others to do the same - to be their own very best.

FOOTNOTE: Responsible social development for the world will take a lot of love, energy, time, input, dedication, trying stuff out, listening, tolerance, compassion, patience, more tolerance, having a go and succeeding, having a go and failing, facing difficulties, appreciating each other more, finding ways to come together rather than dividing, and repeated attempts to get it right, and it will always be ongoing just as it is for advances in science or sport or medicine or the arts or any other aspect of culture