How Blame Shifting Is A Key Tactic In Ratifying Oppressive Policies In Nations

There's a story about a manufacturer, who lays off all his workers then employs cheap immigrant labourers. The laid off workers are angry with the migrant labourers. The factory owner had a few mates play a the card to the news media of foreign workers taking jobs, and is thrilled that they are blaming the migrants instead of himself. The migrants didn't take the jobs from the workers, the manufacturer did. Assange exposed behaviour in the democrats which was nothing short of treachery against Sanders (whom we all saw as a spear of change to open the way to a socialist leaning democracy and the brightest hope in US presidential politics in over 70 years). One person cut Sanders down at the last minute from the inside, and as a result, the world was left to choose between a career war criminal and an unrestrained capitalist. Are we talking about blaming Assange for exposing that? Because that's the factory owner story all over again. We cannot allow the way we wish someone to be, to overshadow our choices in dealing with how they really are behaving. As Aaron pointed out so succinctly, Assange is one man, but billions of people's wellbeing and freedom from oppression depend on the truths he was exposing about the big players who affect all our lives and was locked up for exposing. You are correct, everything is a reflection of ourselves. Where do we not want to be bothered by the evil in self/the world? Where do we want to shift responsibility to suit our narratives? Bad behaviour at a leadership level is a very direct reflection for us, of what we are allowing them to get away with and look away. So yes self-reflection PLUS action. After all, he who knows but does not act is a hypocrite, that's in all the great spiritual traditions. So Again we have more in common here than differences...and they are the wedges those forces seeking to subjugate humanity go to divide, then conquer. Our spiritual responsibility is to see, stay unified, and act, and yes act strongly without being motivated by anger but love of protecting wellbeing.