The False Narrative Of "Balanced Reporting" In The Media

There is a false narrative about "balanced reporting" being perpetuated by destructive ultra-conservative right-wing groups intent on de-humanising and numbing the conscience of humanity. It goes like this: we should allow equal media coverage to destructive forces destroying the planet and spiritually degrading all human life and conscience on the planet as is given to the coverage of humanist ideals and responsible and altruistic policies which protect the planet and strive for sustainable. non-damaging use of resources, energy, technology, culture, education, community and security interests.

This notion is completely false. It has nothing to do with putting forward or debating opposing ideas about our best future. It is rather about trying to justify pre-determined futures ruined by selfish short-sighted interests wanting to assert their advantage and control over the planet, no matter the cost.

We should be very wary of proponents of these narratives. They are advocating the equivalent to allowing equal ("balanced") coverage of people wanting promote and justify rape in our community, as is given to people working to deter and eliminate rape and its causes in our community. It's that simple and it's that dangerous.

Critical investigative journalism, freedom of information, a free press, freedom of speech and the right to protest are the cornerstones to holding those in power to account in our democracy. And having firm boundaries with those who would poison and destroy all that is good and humane in our society is also essential to prevent the numbing of conscience and the rise of fascism and police states in the world.