Free Meditation Exercises - a range of simple meditation approaches for you in a pdf document

Here is a free pdf document with lots of great meditation exercises, affirmations, visualisations and other simple approaches you can use on-the-fly in your daily life.

"How would you expect to feel if you carried around years’ worth of accumulated debris and toxins? Probably pretty terrible."

"Without our being aware of it our auric field (which consists of the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body) collects and stores all kinds of things: mental debris, emotional residue, negative energy, pollutants, accumulations of old energy that has never been cleared, energy from others and stagnant energy etc. Just as we shower and bathe our physical bodies to keep them clean, so we need to do the same for our energetic bodies. It is essential that we regularly cleanse and clear our system." (From "Basic Energetic Hygiene". All classes, meditation approaches, content and materials remain property of the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre)

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(Disclaimer: Rupert Guenther is not a medical doctor. Participants with a history of mental health issues are encouraged to consult their regular health professional before commencing any meditation practices)