Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes with Rupert Guenther

Discover meditation for inner peace. Simple and effective approaches you can use throughout your day, as well as more traditional sit down meditation styles.

Learn simple techniques for how to be really grounded and present, how to clear your energy field, and develop inner peace through practice, self acceptance and compassion.

These classes show you how to keep your energy clear and clean, not take on other people's stuff, and be a source of harmony in life to yourself and those around you.

Everyone wants to feel more 'present' and connected with themselves, to have better relationships, be less scattered, get less stressed, and not let their fears and/or other people's egos run their lives. In this course you will learn how to be aligned and centered, how to clear your energy field, have better boundaries, to connect with your heart and creative source, and how to change your old patterns which are no longer serving you.

The variety of simple, practical meditation techniques used in this course are about creating more awareness in yourself, keeping your field clear, feeling connected, staying grounded, and living with an open heartedness.

MENTORING & COACHING - individual sessions


Mentoring is a valuable form of personal guidance, which passes on to the student all the benefits of one who has made significant real change and growth in their life, through hard won insights and realisations, and knows the journey into deepening self-acceptance, compassion, and psychological clarity. Working together, mentoring is a way to profound personal growth and emotional healing, where the student has their own unique realisations and insights, and comes into their own understanding and wisdom for navigating the pitfalls and problems in life.

Coaching is walking alongside the student, assisting them to find their own revelations and answers which are just right for them. It encourages, questions, reflects, and holds the individual to an agreed framework of accountability which is vital for real growth and change to occur. The coaching sessions become a starting point for the person's own internal processes of review and healthy change which they can take with them and naturally evolve throughout their life.

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Sacred Sound Healing For Musicians

open to ALL instruments including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc and ALL art forms including dance, acting visual art, film making, writing, producing, conducting etc

Format: one-day workshop OR ongoing sessions

Description: This workshop allows everyone to experience working in their own chosen sphere of healing through the arts in a very direct way, with the loving, healing and illuminating energies within themselves and the planet. It reunites the arts with the inspiration, originality and intensity known by Hildegard von Bingen, Hafiz and Rumi and all the mystical bards throughout the ages, who embodied these qualities and who have profoundly affected people’s lives and inspired entire civilisations.

Successful courses have already been run in the UK, Europe and Australia over the last seventeen years. Attendees have ranged from classical musicians and teachers, professional visual artists, medical practitioners, healing and complimentary medicine specialists, to rock musicians and distinguished European classical concert artists.

Pre-requisite: competency in your chosen field

* all concepts, text, course content, description, including the name Integrated Contemporary Performance are copyright © and remain the property of Flat-Out Artists Pty Ltd