MENTORING & COACHING - individual sessions


Mentoring is a valuable form of personal guidance, which passes on to the student all the benefits of one who has made significant real change and growth in their life, through hard won insights and realisations, and knows the journey into deepening self-acceptance, compassion, and psychological clarity. Working together, mentoring is a way to profound personal growth and emotional healing, where the student has their own unique realisations and insights, and comes into their own understanding and wisdom for navigating the pitfalls and problems in life.

Coaching is walking alongside the student, assisting them to find their own revelations and answers which are just right for them. It encourages, questions, reflects, and holds the individual to an agreed framework of accountability which is vital for real growth and change to occur. The coaching sessions become a starting point for the person's own internal processes of review and healthy change which they can take with them and naturally evolve throughout their life.

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