Individual Sessions & Group Classes with Rupert Guenther

Open to ALL instruments including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc, also available to other art forms including dance, acting visual art, film making, writing, producing, conducting etc

This is a way of creating a very receptive space within ourselves, and allows us as artists to really open up to being "in the zone" and stay there. For most people this in-depth and very healing state of communion within self is a random ability which happens from time to time. Instead this approach gives you the key to being in this space at will. Sometimes called "channeling", this way of attuning ourselves and our creative focus in a highly nourishing alignment reunites the arts with the healing touch, inspiration, and intensity known by the mystical bards, healers and seers throughout the ages, who embodied these qualities and who have profoundly affected people’s lives and inspired entire civilisations.

Successful courses have already been run in the UK, Europe and Australia over the last seventeen years. Attendees have ranged from classical musicians and teachers, professional visual artists, dancers, medical practitioners, healing and complimentary medicine specialists, to rock musicians and distinguished European classical concert artists.

Individual sessions AUD$100/hour (all major credit cards accepted)
Group classes to be announced

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