ELECTRIC VIOLIN, AMPS & FX - general admission

Electric Violin, Amps & FX*

open to violin, viola, cello, and contra bass

Format: one-day workshop or ongoing sessions

Descrition: the complete how, why, and what of going electric for strings. Includes demonstration
and practical instruction in every aspect of going electric: the different types of instruments and their uses, application and contexts of using FX, and a practical understanding of the full range of amps and PAs. This is a thorough preparation for competency in using electric instruments and amplification in all the contexts facing the modern string player.

Every aspect is taught, from light acoustic sound reinforcement and the use of electronics, to rock bands and studio playing, high volume output, extended playing techniques and experimental soundscapes, and on-stage environments.

As an adjunct to this, classes and training in improvisation and various musical performance contexts (both electric and acoustic) are available to maximise professional outcomes in the diversity of the contemporary classical musician's environment.

available by appointment to school and university departments is expert consultation, contacts and guidance to purchase appropriate instruments and amplification if required.

Pre-requisite: a reasonable degree of proficiency on your instrument is necessary.

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