HEALING STAGE-FRIGHT - general admission

Masterclass: Healing Stage Fright*

open to ALL instruments including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc

Format: one-day masterclass or ongoing contact sessions

Description: Stage-fright is a big issue for some people, and a significant issue for many. If you do get really nervous to the extent that you can’t express yourself or share and enjoy what you really love about music in your performances, this course will enable you to begin to heal your fears around performing, and regain your original inspiration for taking up music in the first place. You will learn practical on-the-spot approaches which will change your whole experience of playing in public, and dissolve the old patterns which caused you to feel anxiety instead of joy. Includes specific take-home techniques and practical tools for on-stage use in even the most demanding performances.

Pre-requisite: open to all musicians (also available formats for public speakers, presenters and teachers doing presentations etc)

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