Teacher Training for Classical Improvisation*

No previous improvisation experience necessary

Open to ALL instruments including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc

Format: Ongoing contact sessions.

Description: Teacher training for classical musicians and instrumental music teachers. This course focuses on how to teach classical music improvisation in a clear and encouraging, age-appropriate way. It is suitable for instrumental teachers from primary and high school to university and professional levels. Based on a new breakthrough method (see Classical Improvisation above), this practical hands-on course creates the skills, resources and confidence for classical players and instrumental teachers to teach classical music improvisation in an effective and rewarding way for themselves and their students.

This systematic approach is being acclaimed by professional musicians and university faculty worldwide. It can be taught, learned, performed and assessed to the same high standards which classical music has come to expect.

Pre-requisite: This course assumes an advanced to professional level of instrumental playing skills, and is open to all soloists, professional classical players and teachers who want to teach classical music improvisation.

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