Levels: expert teaching to advanced students & professional players and teachers.

Fees: AUD$100/hour (terms: payable 5 lessons in advance). All major credit cards accepted.

Location: based n Perth Western Australia, teaches world-wide*
*lessons also available on Skype

Contact: t
o book please contact (+61) 0466 279 087 or click here to email

Scope: classical violin technique & repertoire, professional development including professional coaching & mentoring.

This is an opportunity to further your ongoing professional technical and musical development, audition preparation, or rebuild your technique completely (this usually takes around 3 months). Includes exactly how to prepare and execute all bow strokes (detache, martele, legato, colle, spiccato, up-bow & down-bow staccato, ricochet, flying staccato), technical etudes/studies and concert repertoire, as well as correct preparation and practice for reliable left hand technique, intonation, shifting, vibrato, double-stops, harmonics and stop-harmonics, and raising your tone, phrasing, articulation, intensity, and projection to a soloistic level. Also problem solving for teaching including preparatory exercise systems, and analytic insights for fixing faulty technique.

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