Rupert Guenther


Aimee is song about a young Michigan mum who gave up her son for adoption at birth, and was reunited with him 16 years later. What started out as a wonderful homecoming dream soon all went wrong for them both. She is currently doing 9 years in jail for their sexual union, and there was a lot of upset, alienation and shame about it for them. It is however a pretty typical textbook case of many such reunions, with people trying to come to terms with very complex and intense feelings for each other. I remember I was playing an unplugged lunchtime gig in a Fremantle cafe in 2010. Most of the world had read about Aimee Sword that day, sensationalised in the papers. But I felt quite moved by her story,, that her good intentions had ended up so confused, and that despite the vast amount of professional literature about intensity of such a reunion, she received no professional support which might have helped her find another way to handle her feelings. I just improvised the song words and all straight off,  in front of the lunch crowd. It will be on an upcoming album of odds and ends I have from that year. For further reading look up GSA in most psychological journals LINK