Music Improvisation & Composition For Teens

This is an opportunity for small group classes of teenagers to get intensive (and fun!) experience in making their own music through improvisation and composition.

No previous improvisation or composition experience necessary!

Open to ALL instruments including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc.

Open to all players 12+ years of an intermediate standard and above, who want to start music improvisation and composition or accelerate their progress further.

Learn how to improvise and compose your own music solo or in bands and ensembles. Includes classical music, rock, pop, blues and folk/world music sounds and styles. Start your own band, record your own music, or just jam with your friends. These skills enable you to express yourself, your ideas and your passion through your own music. They are the ticket to being able to join in and play with other students and musicians of any musical background or style without needing music stands or pieces of paper for the notes. No need to learn another instrument to join in, the instrument you can already play is perfect!

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