This is a unique opportunity for school students to experience an international calibre of artistry combined with in-person interactive time with questions and answers.

Through his schools concerts, concert violinist Rupert Guenther demonstrates how easy it is to improvise and compose your own music. Using a selection of short improvisations with looping, and covering a wide range of moods and styles, he shows the students how each tune was made, the different layers, and how it all fits together with the imaginary story content of each tune - similar to painting pictures.

If the students are learning musical instruments, the interactive discussion includes content about the different scales and other compositional elements used, and allows exchanges of ideas from the students to be woven into the music.

Open to all students whether they play a musical instrument or not, including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc, and is open to all ages (in a pre-discussed age-appropriate format tailored to each school).

He can also extend the presentation from classical music into rock, pop, blues and folk/world music sounds and styles, and brings an array of acoustic and electric violins to each presentation.

In presenting how he improvises his concert repertoire, he shows how easy it is for classically trained students to begin improvising their own music and compositions, start their own band, record their own music, or just jam with friends.

As an adjunct, he offers a series of workshops in improvisation for students at their schools, as well as professional development training in classical improvisation (and beyond) to teachers to enable them to teach improvisation to their students. These skills enable teachers to pass on to their students a way to express themselves, their ideas, and their passion through their own music. They are the ticket to students being able to join in and play with other students and musicians of any musical background or style without needing music stands or pieces of paper for the notes. No need to learn another instrument to join in, the instrument you can already play is perfect!

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