Masterclass ICP2: Making Contemporary Classical Music Through Improvisation*

No previous improvisation experience necessary

Open to ALL instruments including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc

Format: masterclass or ongoing contact sessions.

Description: This is a new breakthrough method of classical music improvisation, which allows classical musicians to create mature, coherent improvised music as a legitimate part of their concert platform repertoire. It utilises all the wonderful classical training and experience which classical players already have. By learning a few extra practical insights into the four basic parameters which are at the heart of all music over all the ages, it allows classical players to use all their classical training, experience, sensitivity, and nuance in their own concert improvisations, right from the start.

So no need to go back to being a beginner, no need to spend years learning the complicated theory of jazz before you can improvise!

This method allows classical musicians to improvise freely with great depth and meaning, creating their own works and even entire concert programs, giving wings to their own feelings, imagination and life experience, in much the same way that a painter creates pictures onto a blank canvas.

It forms a profound basis for both music composition and interpretation, and additionally, adds energy and insight to every performer’s musicianship whether in improvisation or traditional repertoire.

This systematic method is easily learned and is being acclaimed by professional musicians and university faculty worldwide. It can be taught, learned, performed and assessed to the same high standards which classical music has come to expect.

Successful courses have already been run over the last fifteen years at leading European conservatoriums, including the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, Vienna University for the Performing Arts (MDW) in Austria, the European String Teachers Association (ESTA) National Conference in Sweden, and at most major universities in Australia. Attendees have ranged from professional music teachers, university professors, players from La Scala Milan and Zurich Opera, and distinguished European classical concert artists.

Pre-requisite: open to all soloists, professional classical players, teachers and advanced students who want to start contemporary classical music improvisation or accelerate their progress further.

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