Masterclass ICP9: Contemporary Studio & Stage Techniques*

open to ALL instruments including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc

workshop OR ongoing weekly contact sessions

Description: this course gives a thorough grounding in the contemporary recording studio sessions and onstage live playing techniques of the industry, as well a practical working knowledge of what is required stylistically for professional playing in live string and orchestral on-stage sections.

In addition it equips professional players with the practical expertise, insights and a general understanding of acoustic and electric instruments, which enables them to make wise choices with selecting, using and caring for their instruments in a contemporary context.

Upon request this course can also be combined with the Masterclass ICP6 Electric Violin, Amps & FX course in using electric stringed instruments.

Pre-requisite: advanced to professional level of playing proficiency

* all concepts, text, course content, description, including the name Integrated Contemporary Performance are copyright © and remain the property of Flat-Out Artists Pty Ltd