Masterclass ICP7: Cross-Arts Improvisation - Inter-disciplinary improvisation performance

Open to practitioners from music and all arts, science, technology, and humanities backgrounds.

No previous improvisation experience necessary.

Format: workshops or ongoing classes

Description: Inter-disciplinary improvisation performance is an exciting area of contemporary music, where music and the other arts intersect in new works which explore new frontiers. The resulting hybrid of sound, visuals, speech, text, technology & electronics is an ever expanding genre of creative expression appearing increasingly frequently on the programs at progressive arts festivals worldwide.

The training, expertise, scope, and imagination which this course draws on touches into the heart of traditional arts practice, and from there absorbs, questions, and incorporates everything - from the ancient to the avant-garde, from the intimate to the massive, from the primative to advanced technologies, from the formal stage to the most informal locations, where car parks can be as much a stage as concert halls.

The approaches taught in these inter-disciplinary courses bring classical music training up to the front edge of the wave in the 21st century.

Prerequisite: advanced to professional proficiency in your chosen field

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