Masterclass ICP6: Soundscapes & Contemporary Playing Techniques* — exploring new dimensions of sound for improvisation in the 21st century

open to ALL instruments including voice, percussion, piano, strings, brass, woodwind etc

Format: masterclass OR ongoing contact sessions

Description: this course focuses on developing and consolidating a new palette of tonal and experimental sounds on acoustic & amplified instruments for application in contemporary classical performance for classical players as original artists. Includes developing soundscapes, and intensive work in known as well as new contemporary playing techniques, and explores the expressive potential of the instrument from a wide and innovative sonic perspective. Dedicated to completely practical, useful skills for new repertoires for the concert platform for all professional musicians.

Pre-requisite: Masterclass ICP2

* all concepts, text, course content, description, including the name Integrated Contemporary Performance are copyright © and remain the property of Flat-Out Artists Pty Ltd