Professional Development Classes for Violin Teachers and Players

These classes are based on the technique developed by European violin pedagogue Igor Ozim.

This is an opportunity to further your ongoing professional technical and musical development focusing on both right hand and left hand technique.

Includes exactly how to prepare and execute all bow strokes (detache, martele, legato, colle, spiccato, up-bow & down-bow staccato, ricochet, flying staccato), technical etudes/studies and concert repertoire, and raising your tone, phrasing, articulation, intensity, and projection to a soloistic level, correct preparation and practice for reliable left hand technique, intonation, shifting, vibrato, double-stops, harmonics and stop-harmonics.

Also foundations of teaching including preparatory exercise systems, technical/musical development sequence, and analytic insights for technique problem solving.

Please bring your instruments and note pads, these are practical participation classes (but are also open to observers).

Please book in advance as there are LIMITED PLACES!

You may like to attend a FREE meditation class with Rupert 15 minutes prior to this class.

Regular classes available - please register your interest by contacting Tanya on 0413 265 831 or by email at

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