<p><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"><em>Songs On The Voyage Out</em> is a track from the Displacement CD. The soundscapes were commissioned by sculptor John Mayo (USA) during his residency in Fremantle, Western Australia, as part of the exhibition he was working on at the residency. His theme was the ships and shipwrecks, their journeys, the people aboard them, and the ways their lives were changed. The exhibition of small bronze sculptures at Kidogo Arthouse, on the foreshore at Fremantle Bathers Beach, was in a small room hung with hessian drapes and in total darkness - each viewer was given a small hand torch to navigate the room with to view the sculptures, whilst the soundtrack played on speakers in the room. A live performance of the soundscapes was given in the gallery. The tracks all feature live, improvised soundscapes, using traditional and extended playing techniques on the violin, amplified violins, and electronic looping which allowed me to build layers up in realtime in the concert. All the sounds you hear are natural sounds made on the violin and just amplified and/or looped.<br /></span></span></p>