Krakatoa Concert: Volcanic Cataclysm, Shockwaves & Sunsets with Rupert Guenther

04-05-2024 5:30 pm -6:30 pm

A world premiere concert by composer-violinist Rupert Guenther based on the events of the very physical shockwaves embracing the eruption (and actually the complete explosion of the entire Island) of Krakatoa on 27th August in 1883, this new work Krakatoa - Volcanic Cataclysm, Shockwaves & Sunsets for solo violin in 5 movements describes the event through music, and the energy of shockwaves, volcanic ash and a huge Tsunami it sent out into the oceans and nearby lands, and for several years afterwards the red sunsets it caused all over the world from the volcanic ash in the atmosphere.

Tickets: $45 adults and $35 concession and children (not including Eventbrite booking fee).

Music of the Quiet Mind - meditation and wellness concert

19-05-2024 3:00 pm -4:15 pm
WA Museum Boola Bardip, Perth, WA

A rich journey of world music, from the silk road through eastern Europe and Asia, this concert takes us into the wilderness of the natural world: the canyons, bamboo forests, misty mountain tops, temples and rivers. Quietness is discovered to have always been there - we just had to stop and listen to it. This quietude has been the secret of the saints and mystics throughout time, who through years of seclusion and meditation practice could attain a deep stillness. An opportunity to re-set your own inner compass to your heart, and dial down your inner volume levels to quiet.

Tickets $25 per person (not including Eventbrite booking fee).

Immeasurable Yearning - meditation and wellness concert

18-08-2024 3:00 pm
WA Museum Boola Bardip, Perth, WA

This concert of contemplative music with influences of the Middle East takes us into the world of the mystics of the 11th-14th centuries, with imaginative fragments of sound we would find in the sacred places of that time. The music derives its inspirations from the devotional love-poetry of the likes of Hafiz, Kabir and Rumi, and sets the listener on a mystical journey into the yearning for divine love and the presence and quietude of the hermit saints of the East.

Tickets: $25 per person (not including Eventbrite booking fee).

Damascus - meditation and wellness concert

09-11-2024 3:00 pm
WA Museum Boola Bardip, Perth, WA

The Middle-East and North Africa of antiquity was a place of science, scholarship, astronomy, art, education, architecture and culture, way more advanced than its European counterparts for thousands of years. The Damascus concert using musical flavours typical of the plain song and chant styles in Eleusinian, Gregorian, Byzantine and Arabic music, traces the journey of humanity in melismatic improvisation-style musical reflections, and offers a window into the heightened atmosphere and illumination in the high cultures of that time.

Tickets $25 per person (not including Eventbrite booking fee)